Free Online Courses with Certifications| part-2| Artificial intelligence and machine learning - Free Online Courses with Certifications| part-2| Artificial intelligence and machine learning


Thursday, May 7, 2020

Free Online Courses with Certifications| part-2| Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Hi there! I am here again  to give you a important info about online courses for free with certifications. As you all know, this is a very crucial situation of Covid-19 global pandemic, because of this, Study of many children has been very disturbed due to worldwide lock-down. I know that now all the children are wasting their time on social media networks and playing games, but in this time, there is an opportunity to learn those skills which weren't possible in working days. This is the time in which we can develop our skills and physical  improvement, talking skills,etc. To resolve this issue, many reputed institutions took their responsibility to provide study,courses,extracurricular studies such as various computer courses and academic studies.

Here, in this article, I'll tell  you some best courses which I am really enrolled in.
Here is the list.

online study

List of Courses:

  • Courses offered from Udemy 
  • Learvern courses with Certifications
  • Web development best courses with certifications and practicals
  • Best Courses for free with certificates from Edureka
  • Courses for free from Edx
  • Courses by Google skillshop 
  • Skillshare free Courses

Udemy free courses:

As I said earlier, that the Udemy is the best reputed online institutions to provide courses for free and some paid also. Today, I'll tell some more courses offered from Udemy.
here is the list:

online courses with certifications

Learnvern Courses with Certifications:

This is a new website to all the people who are seeking online courses on internet and wnat to get a certificate also, then, this is the a good platform. Most special thing is that it offers courses in many languages such that bangla,Malyalam,Hindi,English.
 Here is a list of course that I really interested in:
I highly recommend yoiu to enroll in a course to utilise this free time. I too enrolled in many courses offered by it.

Web development courses offered by Sololearn App:

The sololearn app offers web development courses with certifications and practicals. this is a free app with some paid courses and many free courses. Sololearn Inc. offers many app such as:
online study

Edureka free courses:

This is an online platform for learning some premium courses for free. It is one of the best platform for studying premium domains such as Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, programming, Android development,etc.

Edureka offers certificates also with some courses. This is a list of some my favourite premium courses which are for free:
Edx is another reputed online institution which offers great user experience with some premium courses for free. You will not see these courses for free anywhere. In every course you have to touch on "Audit this course" because If you wnat to have certificate you'll have to pay.
This is a golden opportunity to grab it. Here, is the list of it's free courses:

Courses offered by Google Skillshop:

Google Skillshop is a free academy to the free online courses for free with certificates. It offers some in-demand courses. 
Some of their courses are:

Skillshare Courses:

Skillshare is a free online academy to learn extra academic courses and in-demand courses for free.
In order to get access to it's free courses, you have to signup for free with facebook , google, and e-mail.
Some of their courses are:

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