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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

What is the future scope and trends in IoT?

Hi there! I am here again with a new topic of discussion which is in the minds of all nowadays. I will throw light on "What is the future scope and trends in IoT?".

 So, let me start with how IoT is improving every other domain as well, because, if any technology takes the previous technology to an extreme level then, It would have a very high scope in the future. So, let's start!

  •  IoT is improving every other domain as well:

Each domain has a useful insight or a useful application to IoT as well be it from the energy consumption segment, be it an architectural segment, be it agriculture, home automation, smart environment, health, and fitness. 

Future scope of IoT

If you feel today, there is no IoT implementation in a domain, then I can assure you, it's only because no one really has imagined a solution to using IoT in that domain as such.

  •  IoT demand and market trends:

Now, what is IoT or why is it gaining so much interest? So let's talk about the trends with respect to IoT. Now, what you can see here is just the Google's interest in how much IoT has gained over the past few years.


Google Trends

IoT is considered one of the biggest dark horses of technologies in the last two years after blockchain. This is one domain that's really gathering a lot of attention. And even if you actually look at how much it is creating attention, you can see with respect to the numbers presented here. 


IoT trends

Now, as you can see, Forbes predicts that the global market size of IoT by 2020 is going to be close to 450 7 billion, and even the potential annual contribution by 2020 is around 300 billion as such, this is a huge domain of huge investment that's happening into one single technology.


And when you talk about the carriers with respect to these domains, and what can be done here, so connected cars, smart devices, which help process your health data on a realtor, even congestion, traffic congestion, which we daily face can completely be smooth and while using IoT now Even if you see which domain today is gaining a lot of attention for IoT professionals, it's healthcare, telecommunication, transport, retail, and manufacturing. 

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Now, what you need to understand is the misconception that most people have is that IoT is mostly for electric engineers or people who work in the electronics segment as such. 

That is one of the key challenges why today most people refuse to move into this domain or not are aware of this. 

  •  Career scope in IoT:

In each domain that you come from, be it from an IT be it from any other domain that you come from, you have a scope in the IoT space. Now, what does an IoT developer rarely get as per Indeed? it's about Rs.91,000 per annum.

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 And this is just the average we've seen various people get different job roles also. And when I talk about job roles, let me give you an insight into this. There are in today's world, there are mainly four different job roles that IoT professionals are offered to.


But what you need to understand here is that these job roles are something that came up with respect to the interest of IoT If you look back two or three years, these rules were not even present out there as such. 

  •  Various job roles in IoT:

So definitely, This is one space that's getting a lot of attention. And you should definitely consider a domain change if you are looking to Gulf scale yourself as well.

Job roles in IoT

  • Now, when I talk about IoT engineering, they mainly design and Austrade, the complete IoT solutions associated they design how sensors are connected, what has to be implemented, and how it has to work, this is mostly something that anyone would really love to enjoy as part of their work.

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And when we talk about engineers, they build the entire environment on which the IoT devices communicate with each other, and they come up with solutions for each of the challenges faced by the users as well.

  • And when you come to consultants, they are on a higher level where they come up with solutions on how you can help or how you can implement IoT in your existing machine or system as well.

  • And finally, IoT developers themselves develop various applications that integrate or process the information that is gathered by these machines. Now what I want to bring out your focus, is that Here, you will learn the core concept of IoT, for tutorials and practical knowledge. 
So, that's it for today guys! See you in the next sessions!

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