Online courses with certification| Harvard University/ Coursera/Udemy free courses - Online courses with certification| Harvard University/ Coursera/Udemy free courses


Thursday, April 30, 2020

Online courses with certification| Harvard University/ Coursera/Udemy free courses

Hi there! I am here again to tell you some interesting courses you should learn annd these can help you to get you a job easily. Some of these courses have a greater scope for future than any other. So, to utilise this lockdown time, you should learn one of these courses and some of these courses offer certification also. So, read this article completely, then choose one of these course and pursue your extracurricular activity.

List of contents:

  • Udemy courses for free

  • Coursera free courses

  • Harvard University courses for free

  • Some special courses from Google Inc.

  • Courses offered from All India Council for Technical Education


    online courses with certification


    Udemy courses for free:

    Udemy is one of the most reputed institution on digital platform that offers great user experience and world class teaching by the best instructors. Udemy has both free courses and sum paid courses also I have done many free courses and some paid courses and according to my experience you can go for both types. Free corses are really better than any other institution's. Paid have their own advantages.
    Udemy offers:
  • Lifetime access
  • Great discounts day by day
  • Best instructors
  • In-demand courses
  • Safe transactions
  • Great user experience in app
  • Downloadable content
  • Some have certifications also(paid certification)
 I highly recommend to go for your favourite courses on Udemy and learn them .
Some of their great courses are:

  1.  Basics of E-mail marketing 
  2. Web design 
  3. Become a photoshop expert
  4.  More courses  
online courses with certification

 Courses offered by Coursera for free:

Now, I really think that you have heard of Coursera and it's praise also. If you don't know it, I wanna tell you that this article is for you. In this post, I'll tell everything about Coursera. It's one of the best online institution and have a vast number of users who are studying on Coursera. It offers free courses as well as paid courses with certification also. I highly recommend that you should log on to Coursera

 Coursera has been tied up with worl's top universities like Stanford University,etc.
Some of their best courses are:
  1. Machine learning
  2. Introduction to psychology 
  3. Computer science
  4. More courses 

 I will also take one of these courses and you should also.

Harvard University

Courses offered by Harvard University:

As we all know that Harvard University ranks second in world's top universities and it's offering a golden chance to study like an Harvardian.

Harvard University is giving free online courses on edx app and it's website also. Studying from Harvard University gives a clear vision of everybody on us, when applying for a job.

It offers certification also with additional fee.

Some of their great courses are:
  1. Introduction to game development
  2. Web programming
  3. More courses 

 Courses given by Google Inc.

Google is now giving all the features that altogether digital platforms have. Google is offering every service in any field on web. Now it is giving online courses with certification also. Google's courses have certifications and quizes. It has a great user interface and great instructors that a newbie needs. It offers these services on it's site namely, Google Digital Garage
  Some of the courses of Google are:

  1. Fundamentals of Digital marketing( includes certification)
  2. Understand coding
all india council for technical education

Courses offered by All India Council of Technological Education

This section is only for Indians. This is a government official site that offers access to great courses for people who want to spend this lockdown time learning new things. It has so much great content which can be learned in this free time. I highly recommend you that atleast check the list of courses offered by them. I promise you will not come back without enrolling in any one course.

Some of their best courses are:

  1. Diploma in Machine learning
  2. Big data ( great demand for this) 
  3. Java programming
  4. Digital marketing
  5.  More courses  


At the end, I conclude that this is golden opportunity for us to learn that course which you weren't able to learn because of busy time schedule. I also enrolled in many courses and recommend you to do so. 

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