Truth about the smiley face alignment on 16th may 2020 | truth or myth?| - Truth about the smiley face alignment on 16th may 2020 | truth or myth?|


Saturday, May 16, 2020

Truth about the smiley face alignment on 16th may 2020 | truth or myth?|

Hi! I am here again to greet you a whale of time with a very interesting information. You will feel that this article have bloomed your mind. This is my favorite field also, the Cosmology so, I am very excited to talk about a very interesting natural phenomena.
So, Let's start!

 List of Contents

  • Smiley face alignment of Venus, Jupiter and Moon

  • Truth behind this alignment

  • But why do we observe  patterns in random data

    Smiley Face Alignment of Venus, Jupiter and Moon:



    You have been familiar with an interesting news that's going viral heavily on Internet.
    The smiley face alignment of Venus, Jupiter and Moon on 16th may, 2020. This news was first came into vision 30 march,2020 when BBC Radio Tees posted it and said, "The world needs reasons to smile and the solar system is about to give us a helping hand. On 16 May, a crescent moon beneath Venus and Jupiter will form a smiley face.

    This alignment is called Conjunction. Venus has been the one of the brightest planets in our solar system and moon, we already know sines at night. Then, this conjunction alignment will be very bright, rare phenomena.

    Truth behind this alignment formation:

  • The truth behind this news is that this is a fake news. I am saying that because Moon can align with Venus, that happens once a month but Jupiter can't come close enough to Venus to form this Conjunction alignment or Smiley face alignment.

    This is untrue that Smiley face will be aligned in night sky om 16th may,2020.

    I have read many articles saying in titles, "Moon and planets shall make a smiley face", "Venus and the Jupiter aligned to form that smiley face","Smiley face in the sky 2020".

    I am shocked that the site ranked 1st on google on this topic doesn't tell it's truth. I got the truth on Forbes official website and  Jamie Carter, a senior contributor and an experienced journalist on science, technology and travel, said that this rare astronomical phenomena is fake news.

    According to him, Venus,Jupiter and Moon will be at different parts of the night sky on 16th May,2020 which makes it impossible to observe a smiley face in the sky.

    There are some news that this alignment have also happened in philippines in 2008. But, Jamie said,"it was not even happened in 2008. This story has taken up from 16 May 2020 news outlet, a decade later and spread.

    May scientists supported the statement that jupiter and Moon can even come closer to each other.

    But why we see patterns and meaningful alignment in strange things:

    This is because of 'Pariedolia : the human tendency to observe meaningful patterns in irregular, strange and random things".
    Example: When we see some stars coming closer, we make a shape adjoining those stars, which shows this tendency.
    Or, when we see shapes like horse, others\ animals and shapes in clouds, that time, we actually doing this with the help of imagination of our mind or this Pareidolia.

    Carl Sagan wrote in his book that this pareidolia have evolved from a millions of evolutions.


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