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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Everything you need know before getting into IoT!!!

Hi guys! I am back again with a new boring session""". Just kidding! So, welcome to a new and interesting discussion on Everything you need to know before getting into IoT and many more. 

Internet of Things


IoT devices are becoming very useful these days, even every second people want that everything should be effortless, which can only be done through IoT. 

And people are now having smart devices and appliances in their homes faster than ever. It is estimated that there will be up to 21 billion devices connected to the internet by 2020. 

There is huge potential in IoT at present. 


Career in Internet of Things

In this discussion, we will talk about

 What are IoT and its applications?

What are the prerequisites for learning IoT? 

When can students start learning IoT, market trends and projections, salary trends, roles available, skills required, and certifications? 

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  • What are IoT and its applications?

I will be visiting stands for Internet of Things. And basically, we can say it is an ecosystem, where different devices that are having sensors, are connected to the internet, to exchange data with each other, as giving example, like we have a mobile phone, and we can connect the mobile phone with other home appliances like a doorbell, so when it's the time to go to our homes, they are already been turned on. 

And we can control any devices like refrigerators, light bulbs, a fan from anywhere. So this is the IoT.
In a nutshell,


Internet of Things

  • What are the prerequisites for learning IoT?

I agree that there are no basic prerequisites. Because basically, if you have an interest in learning IoT you can learn it easily. 

But according to my research, if you want to learn IoT, you must have basic knowledge about the electronics components. And for the programming part, you must have a basic knowledge about C or Python language(recommended), you can simply start from that.

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  • When can students start learning IoT?

Again I say, If the students want to learn IoT, they can start as soon as possible because it's a vast field and they have to work very much on it. So, if they decided to get into it, they can start as soon as possible.

And if I go for then knowledge of components and hardware, they can start with Arduino and its basic programming that is C language. So, if they know the basic idea about the C language, they can easily learn from that.

But, for IoT, there are different verticals, basically in IoT professionals like we have programmers, embedded system designers and there are UI UX designers, there is cloud computing and network security is there. So there are different verticals.

So, first of all, they should know that in which verticals they are familiar, so, if they are decided like they are familiar with the embedded system or they are familiar with the hardware, they can go into that, but if you know anything about all those verticals, then you will mostly get a high packaged salary because these verticals are in high demand.

  •  Skills required and Certifications:

If you want a well-structured course for IoT, you can enroll in online programs of many institutes like IIT Madras, IIT Kanpur, etc.  And there are many international institutes like IBM which tied up with Coursera and Linkedin, offering great knowledge of IoT. You can start from anywhere, but the main thing, how Quick you start?   


Coursera Link to IoT courses: IoT , Linkedin course link


  • IoT applications:

An extensive set of applications for IoT devices is often divided into consumer applications, commercial applications, industrial applications, agricultural applications, infrastructure, applications, and military applications, market trends, and projections. 

Career in IoT

The IoT market has now become very competitive. When we see some large brands like Google, Microsoft, IBM which have already started to adopt IoT, It shows that there will be a new era "IoT Era" in the next years.

IoT will have a great boom in the next technological years such that when a patient needs a nurse, or his/her health disturbs, then the monitors and sensors can reach there as soon as possible. You will be saying that, why do I give so many examples, but I try that you could imagine it as realistic as I can.


  • Jobs In IoT domain:

  1.  IoT developer
  2. UI UX designer
  3. IoT product managers
  4. IoT architect
  5. Data scientist in IoT, 
  6. cloud engineer, 
  7. industrial engineer 
  8. web development engineer
  9. big data developer
  10. And many more

  • Salaries in IoT :

    Average IoT specialist in The top brands like IBM, Google earns 27000-30000$ per annum. 

And the salary of IoT specialists stands around 15.2 lakhs. Specialists within the IoT sector get around 8.6 lakh rupees. 16% of IoT experts in India come inside the earnings bracket of 10 to 25 lakhs per annum.



So, I don't think that we need a Conclusion because everything is Cleared! But, I am very disappointed that you guys don't comment on anything, If you feel there is my fault, please tell me!!

If you have any doubts regarding IoT careers, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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